This is one of 4 canvases that I have been working on for a group show at Summerhall in October. To be honest, I have struggled over a few weeks repeatedly painting over images that were just not working. I then hit upon the idea of having mainly words in the absence of any meaningful imagery on brightly coloured, expressionistic backgrounds. I did them on unstretched, unprimed canvas for a rough raw feel, like protest banners. They will be simply nailed to the walls when shown next month. I'm still not 100% happy with it though.

He Slow Acid Man
Acylic on Canvas
89 x 66 cm | 21 September 2018

Counter Culture Opening Night Party

Thank you PCS and the team that hung the show for a great party and exhibition. It looks brilliant!

Counter Culture - A Workers' Art Exhibition, Whitespace, 76 East Crosscauseway, Edinburgh, EH8 9HQ. Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 September.

Coal Mouth at Whitespace
Coal Mouth, Oil Paintstick & Chinagraph Pencil on Paper , 23.5 x 18.5cm | 19 January 2016

Today, I delivered a small painting, Coal Mouth to the Whitespace Gallery, Edinburgh for the Public and Commercial Services Union, Counter Culture Workers' Art Exhibition.

PCS explain:
“Work is often something we do to get by, to get paid, to pay our bills, to have a bit of financial freedom. We spend our lives at work, sometimes unfulfilled, underpaid, under used. In Scotland’s galleries, museums and cultural institutions, workers have a huge range of skills, stories, knowledge and experience about the work they do. This knowledge is crucial to transforming and improving working lives. This project is part of a widen initiative that helps workers use their skills to talk about justice at work and to reinvigorate the cultural output of the trade union movement.
All art on display is original pieces by workers in Scotland’s cultural organisations tackling the theme of ‘work’, as well as material from the Scottish Trades Union Congress archive.”

My painting is for my grandfather who was a miner at one time in his life. He died from Tuberculosis contracted from working ‘down the pit’. This is a painting for him.

Isaiah 6:6-7(New Living Translation)
6 Then one of the seraphim flew to me with a burning coal he had taken from the altar with a pair of tongs.

7 He touched my lips with it and said, “See, this coal has touched your lips. Now your guilt is removed, and your sins are forgiven.”

Coal Mouth
Oil Paintstick & Chinagraph Pencil on Paper
23.5 x 18.5cm | (Frame 38.3 x 32.3 x 3cm)
19 January 2016

Coal Mouth is on top of the plinth in the photograph!

The exhibition ends 5pm Sunday 16 September.