He Slow Acid Man  Acylic on Canvas  89 x 66 cm | 2 October 2018
I subdued the words and now declare it finished. Three of four that I will deliver to Summerhall today for the Scottish Mental Health Art Festival - Out Of Sight Out Of Mind exhibition.
Colin Stetson, Summerhall, Edinburgh

Here are a few things that have caught my eyes, ears and sensitivities recently. It all goes into the artistic mix. Be omnivorous!


On the Black Hill - Bruce Chatwin
Basquiat - Leonhard Emmerling (Taschen)
Think Like An Artist – Will Gompertz
The Leither Magazine


“Heroes” - David Bowie
Luxa – Harold Budd
Nocturnes & Impromtus – Chopin (again!)
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft – Alles Ist Gut
Second Edition - Public Image Ltd
Soundtrack – Charles Lloyd
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Tender Prey


Cold War - Pawel Pawlikowski
Broken Flowers - Jim Jarmusch
Séraphine - Martin Provost
The Handmaid's Tale (Season Two)
Sensitive Skin (BBC Series Two)


SFD & Colin Stetson at Summerhall
Patriothall Studios, Edinburgh
Armchair Books, Edinburgh


The thought of seeing Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up at the V&A next month

"Art = a mad search for individualism." Paul Gauguin

"The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work." – Steve Jobs


Rebecca Appleby at &Gallery Edinburgh
Gerard ter Borch A Singing Practice - Scottish National Gallery
Jean-Michel Basquiat - Untitled (Ter Borch)
Frank Auerbach - Head of E.O.W. IV - Scottish National Gallery

This is one of 4 canvases that I have been working on for a group show at Summerhall in October. To be honest, I have struggled over a few weeks repeatedly painting over images that were just not working. I then hit upon the idea of having mainly words in the absence of any meaningful imagery on brightly coloured, expressionistic backgrounds. I did them on unstretched, unprimed canvas for a rough raw feel, like protest banners. They will be simply nailed to the walls when shown next month. I'm still not 100% happy with it though.

He Slow Acid Man
Acylic on Canvas
89 x 66 cm | 21 September 2018