Sketches 1
Sketches 2
Oskar’s Catalogued Dreaming Acrylic & Oilstick on Plywood 100 x 100 cm 10 November 2017

I make really basic, crude line drawings and sketches that are often incorporated into paintings or find their way into works on paper.

The mark making is done quickly and often just begins with a line that has no particular place to go. As Paul Klee said: “A drawing is simply a line going for a walk.” And sometimes, there’s a basic idea and the image is done in a very raw and crude way with no detail, the details are sketchy!

I like the images to be coarse and unpolished, unrefined and angry! I suppose they are simple contour drawings that show the outlines, shapes and edges of a scene, but they omit fine detail, surface texture, colour and tone.

I have filled a lot of little sketchbooks in this way. My favourites, although not good art paper, are the passport size Muji notebooks but I also use the classic Moleskine (14 x 9cm) ones too. Also, although I often use Rotring art pens, I prefer the cheap but brilliant Muji 0.38 gel pen.

The painting Oskar’s Catalogued Dreaming started from a 3cm line drawing of Oskar my Maine Coon cat that was projected onto 100cm square plywood and filled in with acrylic and oilstick.

I have an idea for the baby image!